99:9's Weekly Round Up

My content for the week

Greetings Readers,

Hope all’s well. As I mentioned in my last newsletter, this week was busy for me with errands and obligations. I didn’t get as much writing done. But I still uploaded 3 posts on my blog as usual.

Here’s the new content I uploaded this week:

Do Not Fear the End Times 13: Division Heating Up, Love Cooling Down

It seems like there’s so much division and strife in our society right now. Jesus warned us of this, didn’t He? He said that the “love of many will grow cold.” Does Satan play a role in the division we see now?

Do Not Fear the End Times 14: World of Witchcraft

God prohibited witchcraft, and He said it was dangerous. He said it was abominable. But not once did He ever say it was fake, or that there was no power behind it. More and more people today are ignoring God’s warnings. Witchcraft is becoming widespread in our society, though it often is not called by that name.

Well that’s all for the week. Hopefully this gives you something good to read on your Sunday afternoon. Enjoy the week — I’ll be back with another newsletter next Sunday!