99:9's Weekly Round Up #54

My content for the week

Hello Readers,

99:9 here with another newsletter. Here’s the new content I uploaded this week:

When the Team Lets Us Down

Sometimes we can be doing everything right, and doing a great job of following the LORD, and things still fall apart because someone in our camp messes up. We’re all human, and we all mess up at times; it happens. Sometimes people on our own team with good intentions can ruin everything. When that happens we have to Forgive, turn to the LORD for new guidance, and keep going to overcome the setback.

Do Not Fear the End Times Part 100: 100 Posts, 100 Reasons Not to Fear!!

Wow!! I’ve reached 100 posts in my flagship series, Do Not Fear the End Times!! I’m very happy to have reached this number, and I’m looking forward to 100 more. Until then, Part #100 is a great time to stop and recap some of the main topics I’ve covered lately. Check out Part #100 and see what I’ve been up to. And thank you for reading my blog!!

Waiting on the LORD in a Fast-Paced World

He who waits on the LORD receives new strength. Waiting on the LORD is a Virtue; it honors Him and shows strong Faith. But the fast-paced world of instant gratification we live in has conditioned us to want everything quick—to want everything now. The instant nature of our world today has weakened our ability to wait on the LORD. And that’s only bad for us, because the LORD continues to move at His pace, with no regard for how fast the world of humans moves ….

Well that’s all for the week. I hope this gives you something good to read on your Sunday. Enjoy the week. I’ll be back next week with the next newsletter!