99:9's Weekly Round Up #45

My content for the week

Hello Readers,

99:9 here with another newsletter. Here’s the new content I uploaded this week:

Do Not Fear the End Times Part 88: My Own “Job Moment”

This one is an interesting, unique kind of post for my blog. In this post I reveal a blog post I wrote while suffering a massive demonic assault in the Spirit. It shows my thought process at the time while undergoing attack. And I’ve added commentary to it, after the fact. Definitely worth checking out for those interested in Spiritual warfare.

Failing Forwards

A post inspired by my recent failure, outlined in the last two End Times posts. God uses our failures too. He uses them to educate us, strengthen us, and keep us humble. Many characters in the Bible failed, but God still cared for them and guided them to fulfilling their purpose. As long as we don’t give up, and we reach the end goal God has for us, then did we ever even fail at all, in the end?? A failure is only a setback—not failure—if we learn from it and use it to do better next time. This is ‘failing forwards.’


A quick message about a man, Mr. Pervis Payne, facing his unjust execution in the U.S. on April 9. Justice has not been done in his case, as evidence has been withheld, lost, or not allowed. The execution of even one innocent man is an injustice that stains a whole country’s soul and can never be taken back. Please read the post and share the video!!!

Do Not Fear the Giants

A post inspired by Numbers 13. We have many difficulties, trials, hardships, and tragedies in our life. Everyone is guaranteed some pain and suffering, no matter how close to the LORD they are. These problems, these are the giants in our life. But we must always remember that the LORD is greater than anything we could ever face; He is greater than any problem. We need to trust Him, trust He is with us, and trust His plans are good. We need to focus on God, not the giants.

Well that’s all for the week. I hope this gives you something good to read on your Sunday. Enjoy the week. I’ll be back next week with the next newsletter!