99:9's Weekly Round Up #14

My content for the week

Hello Readers,

99:9 here with another newsletter. Here’s the new content I uploaded this week:

Hell Is no Game

The content we consume affects our spirits, whether we’re aware of it or not. As Christians we need to watch the content we consume. This post takes a look at video games, and some of the problems they entail.

Free from Ahab [6/6]: Wrapping Up

The final post in the Free from Ahab miniseries. This post wraps up the miniseries, recapping what we’ve learned so far in each post.

Do Not Fear the End Times Part 35: The Materialistic Magician

A topic inspired by C.S. Lewis’ excellent novel on spiritual warfare, The Screwtape Letters. In this post we look at the worldwide emergence of materialistic magicians, the spiritual implications of this, and what it could mean.

Well that’s all for the week. I hope this gives you something good to read on your Sunday. Enjoy the week. I’ll be back next week with the next newsletter!