99:9's Weekly Round Up #12

My content for the week

Hello Readers,

99:9 here with another newsletter. Here’s the new content I uploaded this week:

Review: The Duty of Delight

Another entry for my Christian Book Corner series. This is a review of The Duty of Delight by the famous Catholic, Dorothy Day.

Free from Ahab [4/?]: Jezebel and Ahab—The Match Made in Hell

Part 4 in the series, in this post we look at the Jezebel-Ahab relationship, and look at why this dysfunctional relationship forms so often.

Do Not Fear the End Times Part 33: The Many Forms of Idolatry

A look at the many forms idolatry can take. Idolatry is not always what we think it is, so we need to be aware and discerning.

Well that’s all for the week. I hope this gives you something good to read on your Sunday afternoon. Enjoy the week. I’ll be back next week with the next newsletter!